Wondering if it’s possible to use live flowers and plants with your ideal synthetic grass in St. Louis? The answer is yes! There are numerous ways to cultivate a vibrant and colorful garden after you switch to artificial grass.

5 Tips for Gardening with Artificial Grass

Thanks to the efficient drainage system of artificial grass, plus the fact that you don’t have to deal with the high-maintenance needs of real grass, it tends to be easier and more enjoyable to garden with a synthetic lawn. Use these tips to create the garden you’ve always wanted:

  1. Plant flowers in unique containers and pots.

Show off those beautiful blooms in containers and pots of various heights, sizes, and designs. You can even follow specific themes to tie the look together. Since artificial grass is incredibly durable and resilient, you don’t have to worry about damage or bald spots when you set down heavier pots.

Gardening Tip: Make sure your flower containers have drainage holes, so the stagnant water doesn’t build up. The porous backing of artificial grass will take care of all that water run-off for you.

  1. Add Raised Flower Beds

If you’d prefer not to put anything directly on your St. Louis artificial grass and turf, raised flower beds offer a great solution. With some DIY skills, you can build them yourself using bricks, recycled railroad ties, wood, stone, or any material that goes with the style of your home.

Once you’ve filled up the soil beds, feel free to plant away and place the raised bed around the edges of your yard.

  1. Hang Plant Baskets

Breathe new life into your outdoor landscape by using hanging plant baskets. There are countless types out there, and they can be customized to go with your home’s overall aesthetic.

Once you’ve got the hanging baskets you want, it’s all a matter of finding the right flowers and picking out spots to hang them. Hanging flower baskets are a great chance to add more color to your yard in a way that really grabs attention.

  1. Go with Low Maintenance Plants

The low-maintenance quality of artificial grass is what makes it so attractive to busy homeowners, and low-effort gardens complement this perfectly. Succulents and cacti are some great options, along with Aloe Vera, snake plants, peace lilies, spider plants, and Boston ferns. Check with your local plant supplier to find other plants that don’t demand too much time and work to flourish.

  1. Add Unique Garden Features

For an amazing backyard showstopper, unleash your creativity with artificial turf in St. Louis. Consider laying down patterned grass or colored grass. Go with artificial grass animals or grass-covered chairs and tables. Spell out words, numbers, or symbols using synthetic grass. Add a mini putting green in one corner, and a cozy picnic spot in another.

Enjoy Your Dream Garden with Synthetic Grass

When you’re working with artificial grass, the possibilities are endless. Your basic backyard can turn not just into a beautiful garden, but to a golf course, playground, dog run, and more. Call St. Louis Artificial Grass Experts at 314-947-6758, and let’s talk about more ideas for your new synthetic grass yard and garden!