St. Louis pet owners are all too familiar with how easily a dog can destroy their yards. There’s dog urine, which can kill grass due to its nitrogen content. Then there’s the digging, running and playing that can cause bald spots. Add those canine claws and bodies that are always on the move and it’s no wonder that many pet owners have given up trying to keep their yards beautiful. St. Louis artificial turf offers the best of both worlds.

It looks and feels just like natural grass, so dogs won’t know the difference. It’s also designed to solve all the vulnerabilities of real grass, making it the perfect surface for pet owners. Here are five essential ways artificial grass for dogs protects your yard against dog damage:

1. Artificial Turf Is Urine Resistant

Ever wonder why dog urine kills real grass? It’s because the nitrogen in their pee is so strong that it burns the blades. That’s why all those spots where your dog goes potty eventually turns brown, yellow, or dead.

In contrast, St. Louis artificial turf is completely immune to the effects of dog urine. The synthetic turf blades are manufactured to be completely resistant to the bacteria and nitrogen found in dog urine. So, rest assured knowing that your artificial grass won’t be yellowing and dying anytime soon.

2. Dog Claws Are No Match for Artificial Grass

Real grass can’t take much roughhousing from a dog’s nails, so when you let your pup run around, it’s only a matter of time before it’s matted down and bald. Artificial grass, on the other hand, is designed to be both durable and resilient to all of your pup’s running, jumping and playing. That’s because the thick thatch layer in artificial grass helps protect it from claws and other damage.

3. No More Digging

Dogs love to dig – it’s one of their strongest instincts! Unfortunately, those paws can do some real damage to an artificial lawn. Aside from making it unsightly, it can also damage the underlying layers, making them prone to mud clumps and waterlogging.

All those holes are also incredibly dangerous. Not only can they be tripping hazards, but it’s also a breeding ground for insects and parasites.

Thankfully, synthetic grass in St. Louis is designed to be incredibly tough and durable against your dog’s digging instinct. The thicker blades of fake grass are able to stand up to the wear better than natural grass. And even if Fido does manage to dig a few holes, they are easily repairable.

4. No More Muddy Paw Prints

If you have ever gone for a walk with your dog in the rain or after a heavy downpour, you know just how much mud and mess their paws can bring into the house. It’s not only unpleasant to look at but it can also damage your floors.

But with artificial grass, those filthy paw prints are a thing of the past. Fake turf is designed to have drainage holes so water can quickly pass through and into the underlying layers. That means no more puddles of standing water or muddy messes.

5. No More Dead Spots

No matter how careful you are about avoiding it, real grass will always experience some wear and tear from time to time. This leads to bald spots and dead patches that can be incredibly unsightly.

By contrast, artificial turf in St. Louis never needs reseeding or patching up after heavy foot traffic – not even from your pup! The blades remain lush and vibrant no matter what kind of physical abuse they take.

Lastly, artificial turf is also incredibly easy to clean. You can simply use a hose and some detergent to rinse away any mud or dirt that accumulates on the blades.

Ultimately, if you’re looking for a yard surface that’s both pet-friendly and low-maintenance, then St. Louis artificial grass is the way to go. It looks just like natural grass while protecting your lawn from all of your best bud’s antics.

Enjoy a Better Lawn with Artificial Grass!

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