There’s no need to be envious of your neighbors with their lush, green natural lawns when you can have one too and with an easier time at that. Artificial turf in St. Louis offers a wonderful alternative to real grass without its usual issues. Best of all, you can use it virtually anywhere, indoors and outdoors, and in many other places unsuitable for live grass.

In fact, here are some terrific areas around your home where you can install this versatile and low-maintenance surface:

1. Front Yard Landscaping

A front yard is the first thing passersby see, so it should be attractive and well-manicured. St. Louis artificial turf can provide a lush, green backdrop to your flower beds, shrubs and other landscaping while requiring little or no maintenance. Plus, you won’t have to worry about muddy footprints or pet messes tracking onto your porch or into your house.

2. Backyard Play Area 

A backyard play area is a wonderful place for kids (and adults!) to let off some steam. It can be a safe and fun environment for all kinds of activities, from playing tag to hosting a barbeque. A soft artificial surface will cushion falls and reduce injuries, making it a safer choice than concrete or natural grass.

3. Pool Area 

If you have a swimming pool, installing an artificial lawn around is better at keeping the surrounding area neat and tidy. You’ll never have to worry about wet footprints leading into the house again and the turf will also help to keep the area cooler in summer versus hardscape-like concrete.

4. Dog Run 

A dog run can be a practical addition to any pet owner’s yard, providing your furry friend with their own place to play and run around. Synthetic grass in St. Louis is perfect for this application, as it is durable enough to stand up to heavy use while being easy to clean up if any accidents occur.

5. Garden Path with Artificial Turf

Adding a garden path can be an excellent way to showcase your favorite plants and flowers. An artificial lawn is perfect for this application, as it will never need to be mowed or fertilized and can easily be swept clean of debris.

6. Rooftop Garden with Artificial Turf 

Covering an empty roof deck with artificial grass can beautifully transform this unused space and add some green to your surroundings. If you’re worried about weight load or drainage issues, a synthetic surface is a good solution – it can handle both heavy traffic and wet conditions without any problems while being lightweight itself.

7. Front Porch 

A front porch is a perfect place to relax in the sun or enjoy a cool drink on a summer evening. Adding an artificial lawn to the space can provide a comfortable surface for sitting and lounging and it will never need to be mowed or watered.

8. Patio or Deck with Artificial Turf

A patio or deck is a great place to entertain guests or simply relax in the sun. An artificial lawn can be installed on top of an existing surface such as concrete, brick or wood, making it a quick and easy method to get a new backyard oasis.

9. Any Shady Area Where Grass Won’t Grow 

Finally, artificial turf in St. Louis solves the problem of shady areas in your property where natural grass won’t grow. The turf can be installed in any shape or size and it will stay green and lush all year round. No need to worry about brown patches or dead spots.

As you can see, there are many places where you can install artificial grass around your home. With its low-maintenance design and versatile applications, this surface can boost the color and life of your outdoor spaces. So why not give it a try? You may be surprised at just how much you love it.

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