Pet owners are discovering the many advantages of using artificial turf. A downside of using all-natural grass is having to deal with mud, pests, and demanding upkeep. Today, more and more property owners are turning to artificial grass in St. Louis, MO not only for their landscapes but for their pet scapes as well. Here’s why.

Advantages of Using Artificial Grass for Pets

Artificial grass for pets is a reliable alternative to natural grass. What’s more, it makes life easier for you and your dog. Artificial turf for dogs not only eliminates your maintenance chores but also provides a lush surface on which your pet can run and play.

Take a look at the other advantages of artificial grass for pets:

  • Damage resistant
    With Louis artificial turf, your pet can move around the lawn freely without any worry. Artificial grass stays green all year round, so there is no need to replant, trim, or water when it gets messed up. With its impressive resemblance to natural grass and more durable quality, the artificial turf is certainly a wise option.
  • Pest-free
    Natural grass attracts pests, such as fleas, ants, and ticks, which can stick to your dog and cause irritation. With artificial turf, many of the troublesome insects and animals are eliminated by reducing areas for them to feed and breed.
  • No more unsightly dirt
    Dogs have a habit of moving around the lawn after the rain, which leaves tracks of mud on the carpet and the furniture once they enter the house. With synthetic grass, the water will freely pass into the bottom soil. It easily gets rid of muddy conditions that appear following a rainstorm!
  • Comfortable play spaces
    Suppose you don’t have a lawn for your dog; just a concrete space by the garage. Letting your dog play on a hard surface could damage his nails. Hard surfaces covered with synthetic grass give your dog a more comfortable resting and playing area.
  • Easy Drainage
    When your pet pees, the urine will instantly permeate the synthetic turf and go directly into the soil. Our synthetic turf has 100% permeable, non-absorbent backing with no water backup. The best part is, it drains ten times faster than real grass!

Make Your Spaces More Pet-Friendly with Artificial Grass!

With so many advantages, artificial turf is the way to go! Do your pet a favor and give them a grassy surface that is low in maintenance and highly beneficial. St. Louis Artificial Grass Experts has the answer for your turf needs. Our expert installers will help you achieve dreamy landscapes with synthetic grass in St. Louis. Call us now for a FREE quote!