St. Louis artificial turf installation is a process that requires careful thought and planning. Doing it correctly will give you a home landscape that looks and feels realistic, without the need for regular upkeep. Committing mistakes, on the other hand, will defeat the purpose of the installation. Steer clear of these common mistakes encountered during a synthetic grass installation to ensure the success of your lawn project

Turf Installation Mistakes You Need to Avoid

A home landscape is an investment that you have to capitalize on.  That’s why your lawn installation should be well-planned. With a durable landscape, your property will look stunning for years to come!

Avoid committing the following mistakes to ensure high-quality synthetic grass installation:

• Choosing turf based on price.

Do not save on turf. This investment is a major consideration for your property, so don’t scrimp on purchasing your turf. Some of the best synthetic grass in St. Louis are made of polypyrene. They are UV resistant, so you are sure that they don’t fade when they are exposed to the sun.

• Purchasing the turf by piece.

One of the most common mistakes during installation is purchasing turf by piece, instead of bulk. What if they don’t have the same type of grass available when you return? On your first purchase, make sure to get a surplus of turf to avoid that situation.

• Having an uneven surface.

Complications can arise from an uneven base for your synthetic grass carpet. You need to get the base correctly from the start. Once you have laid out the base evenly, you can set the turf perfectly, avoiding wrinkles and bumps on the surface.

• Using the wrong sub-base.

Turf requires accurate excavation and sub-base materials to form a porous substrate for drainage. Using the wrong balance will cause turf shifting/wrinkling and poor drainage for sub-base washout.

• Incorrect placing of the drainage.

Synthetic grass has better drainage ability than natural grass because of its permeable backing. To achieve it, you need to follow the correct method for St. Louis artificial turf installation. Aside from choosing the right type of grass, be sure to get a base that allows water to drain immediately down into the infill.

• Doing a DIY Installation.

Many individuals try to install turf on their own to save costs. However, doing a DIY project could potentially result in damage. Relying only on instruction videos on the Internet could result in inaccurate results for your region. Consult with the experts to avoid this mistake.

Get Your Artificial Grass Installation Done Right!

Don’t pass up the chance at a stunning grass landscape. Take note of these mistakes to create a synthetic turf installation that you can show off to others!

If you wish to avoid mistakes, consult with St. Louis Artificial Grass Experts. As professional artificial turf installers, we will gladly install for you a home landscape made of stunning and durable artificial turf in St. Louis. Call 314-947-6758 now for a FREE quote on your project!