Homeowners switch to artificial grass in St. Louis for many different reasons. Aside from its aesthetic appeal, homeowners choose artificial grass because it is highly suitable for a busy lifestyle. Synthetic grass is an excellent alternative to natural grass especially in terms of maintenance and long term value for money.

Benefits of Artificial Grass for Busy People

Many people favor artificial grass over natural grass for the convenience it offers for modern and busy lifestyles. For busy professionals like you, we offer these three reasons why you should consider installing artificial grass in St. Louis, MO.

Ideal for high traffic areas

Unlike natural grass, artificial turf in St. Louis can withstand heavy foot traffic. If your lawn is frequented by people and pets, there’s no need to worry about synthetic grass dying or getting ruined.

The material used for artificial turf fibers is durable and resilient to frequent usage. With a little bit of brushing, artificial turf blades always bounce back and appear as lush as ever.

Low maintenance

This is perhaps the most attractive aspect of installing artificial grass in St. Louis. Maintaining a natural grass lawn is simply too much for modern households. Natural grass needs to be watered and fertilized constantly for it to stay alive. On top of that, it also requires constant trimming to stay visually appealing.

Thankfully, modern busy households can enjoy simplified and worry-free lawn maintenance routines by replacing natural grass lawns. Once installed, maintenance activities only include brushing, picking up debris and hosing down the turf.

If you have pets, you’ll occasionally need to apply soapy water on the areas your pet uses to relieve themselves. Other than that, maintenance is pretty easy and simple. It takes much less time and effort to care for an lawn.

Long term investment

Artificial grass, unlike natural grass, does not die. However, that is not to say it will last forever. It could, however, last for more than a decade with proper care and maintenance.

With that said, a busy professional will find artificial turf in St. Louis to be a worthy investment. Installing artificial turf for the pool is more expensive compared to natural grass. Its worth stems from the fact that homeowners eliminate the need for recurring maintenance costs like watering or hiring a gardener to keep the lawn green.

In the long run, the savings from reduced maintenance costs far exceed the initial cost of installing. Apart from saving money, you also save yourself from the stress that comes with maintaining a natural grass lawn.

Worry Less with Artificial Grass

Time is a very valuable resource for busy households. Start spending more of your time with family and friends and worry less about maintaining your lawn. Call us at 314-947-6758 to get a free quote and be one step closer to a worry-free lawn setup.