Happy employees are fantastic for business. If you’re looking for a way to boost office morale, consider installing a St. Louis artificial turf putting green.

The benefits far outweigh the upfront costs. In fact, if you compare the long-term advantages to that of natural grass, you’ll see that artificial grass is better for your bottom line.

As an office feature, you’re looking at the following upsides:

  • Maintaining a putting green is easy and inexpensive.

    A putting green is incredibly easy to maintain. You don’t have to invest in additional labor and money to keep it usable. All you need is to brush the blades upright and pick up debris as needed.

    To preserve its condition, leave signs reminding your team about putting green etiquette. Some examples include where to throw trash and how to use equipment properly.

    St. Louis artificial turf also matches the demands of the game. Unlike natural turf, it won’t loosen or become patchy. It offers proper ball roll similar to actual golf courses.

  • A synthetic putting green invites your employees to relax and have fun.

    Investing in office recreation facilities boosts your staff’s morale. Furthermore, they help prevent burn-outs and promote active relaxation.

    A putting green is a perfect example. The game can be played solo or in groups at any time. In addition, it’s a low-intensity exercise that helps players stretch after long hours on their desks.

    Installing it on your synthetic turf lawn is ideal since it gives players a refreshing change of scene. The grass’s durability also means your staff can use it frequently without getting damaged.

  • You can customize your putting green to fit your brand.

    Putting greens¬†doesn’t need much by way of design. As long as you have the right gear, a hole, and a putting area, then you can play.

    However, this doesn’t mean you can’t customize the green to fit your preferences. For instance, you can design artificial turf in St. Louis with your company colors. Personalize flags with your logo. Add some lighting to make it playable at night if your office is open 24/7.

  • Hold team-building activities anytime.

    Excellent teamwork creates a positive workplace atmosphere. So plan team building activities regularly to boost your staff’s morale.

    Having a putting green within office premises makes team building convenient. The rules also range from simple to challenging depending on who’s playing. This makes it engaging for any group.

    So that your course will fit larger groups and all playing levels, add more holes and hazards. For example, install rough areas using taller, denser synthetic turf. You can also create obstacles with landscaping stones or mulch.

  • You can place it anywhere in your facility.

    Artificial grass is very flexible. In fact, installers can resize, shape, and contour it to fit any workspace.

    This means that having limited space isn’t an issue. It will fit any area, whether placed in small courtyards or even roof decks. Moreover, it will improve the ambiance of your office and also repurpose nonfunctional spaces.

    Likewise, experts can plan a green to fit the size and shape of your artificial grass in St. Louis. That’s why it’s ideal to install them simultaneously, so the design complements the game.

Upgrade Your Office with Artificial Grass

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