Since it stays lush and vibrant no matter where it’s placed, this quality artificial turf in St. Louis has become one of the most standout ways to green up indoor spaces today. On top of its evergreen appeal, it’s also durable, easy to maintain and versatile. With a professional installer, you can turn just about any indoor synthetic turf installation idea into a reality.

6 Clever Ways to Integrate Synthetic Turf into Interior Design

Artificial grass is typically used indoors for carpeting. It doesn’t stain, offers the comforting feel of natural grass and only needs the occasional brushing to stay in top condition. The synthetic turf also adds a touch of nature to any room.

Carpeting, however, is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to using artificial grass for interior design. You can also use synthetic greens to:

  1. Accent stairways and their landings

Style up your stairs and landings with the best artificial grass in St. Louis. Not only will it add a whimsical feel to the surface, but it will also reduce the risk of trips and slips.

  1. Embellish seats and surfaces

Can’t get enough of the feel of natural grass? Take it indoors by incorporating synthetic turf into your bench seats. You can also get an installer to cover tables with the soft, vibrant greens. It’s a great way to make a design statement and breathe new life to old furniture.

  1. Make playrooms safer

Aside from its realistic look and soft feel, artificial turf’s shock-absorbing feature makes it the perfect play space flooring. Children can take a tumble on its cushioned surface and experience little to no injury. Synthetic turf’s springy texture also minimizes the risk of cuts and scrapes.

  1. Cool down tech-filled spaces

Want to break the monotony of blacks and grays in your entertainment lounge? Revitalize its look with synthetic turf. Add a grass rug, make accent walls or turf up one of its shelving units. Since expertly installed indoor artificial grass décor blends well with any aesthetic, the pop of color won’t look out of place in the modern space.

  1. Green up a wall

Add visual interest to a room with grass-covered accent walls. Mix several textures and varieties of artificial turf in St. Louis, MO when you create yours for unique results. If the target wall is a part of a room with a color scheme, choose synthetic grass in shades that complement the theme.

  1. Spruce up shelving units

Can’t install artificial turf on the walls because you’re living in an apartment? Stick synthetic greens to your shelving units instead. It’s a great way to green up settings vertically, automatically setting your space apart from conventional indoor artificial grass installations.

Style Up Your Space with Synthetic Grass 

The seamless integration of artificial turf into interior design requires two things: a professional synthetic turf installer and top-quality artificial grass in St. Louis, MO. Find both here at St. Louis Artificial Grass Experts. Take your pick from our wide selection of synthetic turf. We have everything from artificial putting greens to pet-friendly synthetic grass. We also specialize in residential and commercial landscaping.

With St. Louis Artificial Grass Experts, expect installations that go beyond your expectations. Call us now at 314-947-6758, and let’s get started on your project!