Give your residential space green grounds without dealing with the demanding upkeep of natural lawns. Invest in high-quality St. Louis artificial turf!

Unlike natural grass, synthetic grass allows flexible placement and installation. It can be installed almost anywhere, regardless of the location’s sunlight and weather exposure. On top of that, artificial turf retains its vibrant, pristine look for years.

Clever Outdoor Concepts for Artificial Turf Installation

While you can place synthetic grass wherever you want, there are notable spots outside your home that will benefit the most from a turf upgrade. Enhance your outdoor space’s look and function with these aesthetic, hassle-free ideas:

  • Add a patch of green to a courtyard.

Instead of the usual garden, you can make a courtyard out of your grounds. Make this possible with an artificial grass installation that’s bordered by concrete.

The courtyard would be the perfect outdoor spot for get-togethers since synthetic grass blades are hypoallergenic and non-toxic. Kids who visit your place can also play without worries in that space of green. Trust the turf’s resistance to foot traffic and thick cushioning property to soften falls.

  • Carpet the surface under outdoor furniture.

Growing grass underneath furniture is a stylish way to make an outdoor lounge area standout. Keeping the turf lush and healthy, however, is a tough challenge. Get that green upgrade with minimal hassles by using quality artificial turf in St. Louis instead of natural grass.

Even if the turf gets submerged in water due to continuous rain, its efficient drainage will see to it that all excess moisture is taken care of. Since it’s synthetic, it also doesn’t matter if the patch of grass is never touched by sunlight. Such grass installations work best in small areas throughout the home.

  • Green up narrow yards.

If your yard or outdoor space is narrow, covering it with synthetic turf is an excellent and space-efficient way to make it look more attractive. The walking area won’t just look greener. It will also be able to withstand high foot traffic, wagons and other heavy tasks.

Want to add a homey feel to your space? Plant tiny trees to complement the green surface. Then, add potted plants and flowers next to the grass surface.

  • Add synthetic grass in-between pavers.

Artificial grass between pavers softens the hardscape and makes an effective transition from the paved areas up to the surrounding garden. The uniform length of St. Louis artificial turf in-between pavers also ensures that you don’t need to mow it to maintain the look of the grass.

Have a swimming pool that’s separated by a small space from the house? Create a stepping stone pathway with the synthetic grass as surrounding cover. The artificial turf’s drainage properties can handle excess water common in swimming areas, effectively preventing slippery areas around the pool.

Give Your House a Great Touch of Green

With high-quality synthetic grass in St. Louis, installation possibilities are nearly endless. Hire the pros at St. Louis Artificial Grass Experts to ensure excellent turf landscapes that are worry-free and guaranteed to last over a decade. You can count on us to turn your synthetic turf installation dreams into a reality. Call us now at 314-947-6758 for a FREE quote on your project!