For dog owners considering the switch to an artificial lawn, it’s natural to wonder how your furry friend will adjust. Dogs often love romping and digging in natural grass. Will they take to the new synthetic surface? The good news is that with a little time and the right activities, your pup can learn to absolutely love an artificial lawn.

Getting a dog acclimated to an artificial lawn is important for a few key reasons. First and foremost, it helps them feel comfortable in their outdoor environment. While the switch may seem minor to us, it’s a big change for a dog used to real grass. By making the adjustment fun through active play, you can turn potential confusion into enthusiasm.

An artificial lawn also provides the perfect clean, durable setting for spirited games and activities that might damage a natural lawn. No more mud puddles or brown, patchy grass – the lush synthetic surface stays consistently green and plush. And unlike real grass, an artificial lawn has virtually no odor-trapping thatch layer, cutting down on bathroom odors. So feel free to really run and play!

Now for the fun part! Here are some great game ideas to get your dog loving their new artificial lawn:


The flat, consistent surface of an artificial lawn lends itself perfectly to games of fetch and frisbee. You don’t have to worry about holes, divots or mud damaging the lawn. Go ahead and engage in rowdy games of chase without any concerns!

Follow the Lure

For this game, you’ll need a doggy lure or tug toy on a long rope or lunge line. Simply wave and drag the lure around the artificial lawn while encouraging your pup to follow it with happy verbal cues. Seeing and feeling the lush artificial grass up close as they scamper after the lure gets dogs comfortable with the new surface.

Treat Hunt

Here’s a classic game that dogs adore – hide-and-seek with tasty treats or kibble! Scatter some goodies around the artificial lawn and encourage your pup to sniff them out. The soft, even texture allows for safe rooting around without any fear of holes or obstructions. Plus, the blades are lead-free and non-toxic.

Agility Course

With the durability of artificial grass, you can easily set up a fun agility course right on the lawn using household items like hula hoops, plank obstacles, and weave poles. These types of activities strengthen the dog’s confidence on their new surface as they run, turn, and conquer challenges

Remember, each dog will adjust at their own pace. Be patient, remain positive, and make the transition fun. Before long, your furry friend will be loving their new low-maintenance, always-green playground!

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Interested in giving your dog the gift of an always-green, always-clean play area? While the initial switch from natural grass requires some positive reinforcement, this lush synthetic option offers  convenience and year-round pristine conditions, making it well worth the effort. 

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