Looking for a way to boost your property’s marketability? Whether you’re planning on putting it up for sale ASAP or sometime in the future, high-quality artificial turf in St. Louis is an excellent investment for your home. Design a beautiful yard and increase prospective buyers with synthetic grass!

How Synthetic Grass Raises Home Value

With so many homes for sale on the market, it takes something special for people to seal the deal. While a yard can give your property an edge, an artificial turf lawn can make it truly stand out from the rest. Here’s what a synthetic grass feature adds to your home:

  • Offers greater curb appeal

An artificial lawn creates a fantastic first impression for any house with its lush, green and lifelike looks. Unlike natural grass, it never develops unsightly bare patches and dry spots. It stays vibrant all year long, so potential buyers can see the property at its best no matter what season.

  • Provides incredible yard safety

Families with children are very selective about the type of home they buy, especially when it comes to safety. Reassure them with high-quality artificial turf in St. Louis! Compared to natural grass, it creates a gentler and softer surface for children to play on. It’s also non-toxic and hypoallergenic, which adds to its safety factor.

  • Appeals to a wide range of people

To successfully sell a property, you need to make it appeal to as many types of buyers as possible. Artificial grass expands your reach to include:

    • Seniors – While older buyers would love a yard they can relax in, many of them aren’t capable of keeping up with the demands of a natural yard anymore. Synthetic turf gives them all the benefits of real grass with none of the work!
    • Busy Homeowners – Homes with artificial grass are a good option for homeowners who are seldom on-site to care for their yard.
    • Pet Owners – Dog owners looking for a new home will appreciate the tough yet easy-to-clean pet-friendly turf.
  • Adds another layer of investment

A properly cared for artificial lawn can last up to a whopping 10-20 years. Any buyer looking to get the most from their purchase will appreciate the years of use they can get from their synthetic lawn. Buyers are also looking at significant savings when it comes to lawn upkeep expenses with a yard that’s made of long-term synthetic grass in St. Louis.

Artificial Grass Benefits You Can Enjoy Today

You’re not just investing in your future when you install synthetic turf. You’re also choosing a more fun and practical yard for you and your loved ones to enjoy. In fact, the sooner you install artificial turf, the sooner you can start reaping rewards such as:

  • A low-maintenance lawn
  • Lower yard care expenses
  • An improved setting for outdoor get-togethers
  • The ideal surface for backyard games

Want to learn more about the different ways that St. Louis artificial turf for playground, homes, pet runs and more can add value to your life and home? Call St. Louis Artificial Grass Experts today at 314-947-6758 for inquiries.