Privacy is hard to come by today. It could be that every person who walks down your street can see your entire balcony. Or it could be that your neighbor can view your yard from their house. But don’t worry. You won’t have to put up with that for long. After all, all you need is St. Louis artificial turf and a little bit of creativity to regain your privacy.

How Does Artificial Grass Provide Privacy?

If you want to make your home more private, artificial grass can be a great solution. Turf experts can install artificial grass on just about any surface, such as soil, wood, and concrete. They can even install it on vertical surfaces—so you can use it to create privacy hedges.

Moreover, synthetic turf fibers are dense and close-knit. If you hold them up against a light source, light cannot pass through them. This ensures that people won’t be able to peek through your synthetic turf hedges.

Additionally, artificial grass doesn’t need noisy tools and equipment to stay neat and beautiful. Nothing makes people look over and stare at your home more than loud sounds. St. Louis artificial turf doesn’t grow, so it stays at the perfect height and never needs cutting.

Why Not Grow Grass or Hang Plant Wall Instead?

It’s hard to get grass to flourish on the ground, never mind on a vertical surface. It takes months for it to grow, and even then, it’s not a guarantee. The weather, poor-quality soil, and other factors can stunt or affect its growth.

A plant wall comes with similar problems. You need to set up a wire mesh grid wall and hang potted plants on it to create the hedge. But you’ll have gaps between the plants where people can peek through.

In short, you’ll have to make all the plants flourish. However, that can be a challenge if you don’t have a green thumb.

In contrast, artificial grass in St. Louis is ready within a few hours or days of installation. It’s also weather resistant and will also stay lush and vibrant with minimal upkeep. It’ll boost your curb appeal for a long time.

Ways to Add Artificial Grass Hedges for Privacy

Want to maximize the privacy benefits of synthetic grass? Consider using synthetic grass hedges to:

  • Make short fences higher
  • Hide unsightly fences
  • Place partitions around your yard
  • Create zones or paths in your space
  • Hide your swimming pool
  • Border your balcony, terrace, or rooftop

Reclaim Your Privacy With Artificial Turf St. Louis

Let us help you make your home more private.

Here at St. Louis Artificial Grass Experts, we have premium artificial grass for all kinds of spaces, and we can help you design and set up your installation. Just tell us how you want to use the turf and our team will make it happen.

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