If you’ve ever had a backyard putting green, you know that nothing beats the feeling of sinking a putt in the middle of your own green. But when it comes to keeping it looking great and play-ready, we all know that there’s just no substitute for time and effort. If you fall behind on your upkeep, it won’t be long before your golf greens look like an unkempt mess. The great news is that there’s an easy way to always stay on top of your upkeep: installing artificial turf in St. Louis.

What Happens When You Fall Behind Putting Green Upkeep?

If you don’t maintain your putting green regularly, it can lead to several unwanted consequences.

Burnt-Out Grass

When your grass has been over-watered or under-watered for too long, it will turn brown and brittle instead of remaining lush and green. This also happens when there is too much sun exposure or low levels of water. The result is a patchy, dead look that can ruin an otherwise gorgeous putting green.

Ugly Grass

This problem is similar to burnt-out grass except that it’s caused by mowing too short or not often enough. You can prevent both of these issues by getting good at mowing or letting landscaping experts trim your turf. Otherwise, you’ll have an overgrown putting green that looks like it has been abandoned for years—even if it hasn’t been!

Weed Invasion

If you’re not keeping up with your weed management, you could end up with an overgrown putting green that’s hard to play on. Not only will they make the surface uneven, but they can also attract bugs and other pests to your putting green.

Pest Problems

If you aren’t using insecticides or other pesticides regularly, pests can become a huge problem for your greens. Various insects, such as ants and white grubs, can damage the turf and leave bald patches throughout your green. Also, they can make it difficult to play on the green and attract bigger pests (the ones that eat them.)

Clogged Golf Holes

If there’s too much water sitting around in one area for too long, it can cause clogs in the drain systems that lead away from each hole. Moreover, these clogs can lead to flooding and other problems with your putting green’s drainage system.

How Does Artificial Turf in St. Louis Simplify Putting Green Maintenance?

Fake grass doesn’t need water to look and feel good. With a natural putting green, you have to decide between setting up an irrigation system or a watering schedule. But with an artificial grass installation, you don’t have to worry about that at all. It only needs water for cleaning purposes.

Moreover, synthetic turf doesn’t grow, so it doesn’t need mowing or trimming. This means that artificial putting greens can be left alone for weeks at a time without needing any upkeep at all.

Weeds can’t break through synthetic grass in St. Louis. They can only grow in the edges and cracks between the turf, so they’re easy to spot and remove. No more spending a lot of time examining your turf for weeds and using a weed whacker.

In addition to this, pests don’t like St. Louis artificial grass because it doesn’t have any fibers and roots for them to munch on. You don’t need to worry about white grubs, cinch bugs, and other critters burrowing under and feasting on your turf.

Stay on Top of Your Synthetic Putting Green Upkeep With Artificial Grass in St. Louis, MO

If you’re tired of falling behind on your backyard putting green’s upkeep, we can help!

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