Apart from beautifying your property’s grounds, quality artificial grass in St. Louis, MO can also diminish the risk of rashes, allergies and other health concerns that are common with natural lawns. These issues are typically caused by the upkeep practices demanded by real grass or the natural turf itself. Covering your property with synthetic turf is a great way to eliminate such hazardous concerns.

Grass-Related Rashes Prevented by Artificial Turf

Rashes are among the most common health concerns caused by natural grass. While treating them is easy, they shouldn’t be taken lightly. Rashes that are caused by exposure or contact to grass is a symptom of various health problems. With an artificial turf installation, you can help prevent the occurrence of these types of rashes:

  • Rashes from Grass Pollen Allergy

Natural grass produces pollen, a fine substance that’s distributed to fertilize plants. While pollen is not dangerous, it can negatively affect the immune system of some people and trigger allergic reactions such as sneezing, wheezing, runny nose and watery eyes. People with pollen allergy may also develop rashes and have trouble breathing.

Since quality artificial grass in St. Louis, MO is not real, it doesn’t produce pollen, which is why it’s considered as non-allergenic. People do not have to worry about irritating allergies when they’re on the synthetic surface.

  • Rashes from Contact with Natural Grass

Many types of natural grass can also cause rashes through physical contact. The irritation is caused by their grass blades’ tiny bristles, which prevent insects from eating them. When these prickly fibers rub against the skin, there’s a chance that a rash can break out.

Artificial grass, on the other hand, is soft, non-intrusive and bristle-free. It won’t harm or irritate your skin upon contact. Through residential landscapes composed of high-quality, low maintenance artificial grass in St. Louis, rashes caused by prickly grass blades can be eliminated.

  • Rashes from the Chemicals on the Grass

Natural grass needs pesticides, herbicides and other chemical solutions to stay in top condition. Exposure to these elements irritate your skin and cause rashes. If you’re allergic to these toxic substances, you may develop contact dermatitis.

Installing artificial turf eliminates the need to use these toxic chemicals since neither pests nor weeds can thrive on the synthetic surface. Thus, there is no need to worry about chemicals irritating your skin.

Banish Natural Grass Health Concerns with Synthetic Turf

Invest in a residential landscape that can accommodate everyone including your pets. Cover your lawn with high-quality artificial turf. While you can install synthetic grass on your own, it is better to hire professional turf installers for your lawn project. Not only will they make sure your landscape is designed flawlessly, but they’ll also eliminate the risk of costly installation mistakes.

For professional installation services and a great collection of artificial turf in St. Louis, look no further than St. Louis Artificial Grass Experts.  Call us now at 314-947-6758, and let’s start building a safe and beautiful landscape for your home!