Eco-friendly artificial grass is quickly gaining ground among homeowners thanks to its minimal upkeep requirements. Unlike natural turf, it doesn’t require costly and time-consuming chores to maintain. Make the switch to synthetic turf today to spend more time enjoying your lawn with your loved ones!

Lawn Care Tasks Eliminated by Artificial Turf

Make lawn maintenance so much simpler with synthetic grass. Take these chores off your yard care to-do list when you invest in durable artificial turf in St. Louis:

  • Mowing and Trimming

People who are dedicated to maintaining their natural lawns typically spend at least two months of their lifetime cutting grass. Take control of all that time with a synthetic grass yard. Not only will you have more time to enjoy your lawn, but you’ll also save a lot of money on maintaining and fueling your mowing equipment.

  • Watering

Natural grass needs a lot of water to thrive. It needs watering at least twice a day, and even more during the summer months. That is why, in households that keep natural lawns, around one-third of their water consumption is dedicated to their grass. With artificial turf, you can diminish the amount of water you use for yard upkeep. Other than hosing down your grass to clean stains and rinse off pet urine, you never need to water your lawn.

  • Applying Pesticides

Natural lawns attract various pests and insects. Some eat the grass while others burrow and make their home in the turf. To keep them from settling and wreaking havoc on the lawn, you’ll need to spray harmful pesticides on the grass. Eco-friendly artificial turf in St. Louis does not attract lawn pests, thus eliminating the need to procure and apply toxic pest control solutions.

  • Spreading Weedicides

Weeds grow in natural lawns. When left on their own, they can strip grass of the nutrients they need.  You can either remove them manually, which will take a lot of time, or apply specially formulated weedicides, which will cost you. Installing artificial turf prevents weed growth since its backing completely covers the soil. In addition, synthetic grass does not rely on the nutrients that weeds need to thrive.

  • Fertilizing

Healthy soil is crucial to a vibrant lawn. Achieving it, however, can be a tricky and costly project. It involves determining the best type of fertilizing solution for your grass type, purchasing or making the fertilizer and applying the mulch strategically throughout the year. You can say goodbye to all these tasks when you choose to cover your yard with artificial grass.

Go Green with Artificial Grass!

Enjoy a beautiful, green lawn without committing to a costly maintenance regimen. As the top installer of artificial grass in St. Louis, MO, St. Louis Artificial Grass Experts can help you and your family get the best eco-friendly grass services for your residential landscapes. Work with us and expect:

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