The ideal landscape strikes a balance between hardscape and softscape. Hardscape refers to solid and unchanging structures, while softscape relates to elements that change and mature as time passes (like plants). Too much of the former can make a yard look dull and rigid. Synthetic grass in St. Louis offers a fast and beautiful way to soften hardscape-dominated yards.

Why Synthetic Grass Is the Perfect Hardscape Accent

Because it encompasses most practical and decorative structures in landscapes, hardscape comes in various forms, from pavers and fences to outdoor furniture and patios. Plants can offset their stony facades.

However, unless they planned before constructing the structure, plants are usually challenging to integrate into the hardscape.

Artificial grass offers the perfect solution to this dilemma. It looks exactly like real grass, making it the best choice to visually soften and complement hardscape.

Besides its realistic looks and versatile application, artificial grass in St. Louis offers other benefits that the real thing can’t match.

  • Unlike natural turf, it doesn’t need regular watering, abundant sunlight and fertile soil to grow.
  • With the help of experienced installers, you can have it secured on wood, concrete, brick, pavers and other forms of hardscapes.
  • It’s incredibly durable, weather-resistant, pet-friendly and a breeze to maintain. Just follow these essential upkeep dos and don’ts to keep your artificial grass as beautiful.

Creative Ways to Integrate Artificial Grass Into Hardscape

With the help of professional installers, there’s almost no limit to the ways you can use synthetic turf to soften your hardscape. Get inspired by these fantastic landscaping ideas:

  • Border your decks and patios.

    Surrounding hardscape amenities softens their rigid façade without interfering with their general structure. For variety, you can mix synthetic turf of varying colors and pile heights. Ask your installers to incorporate curves into your installation to further soften your setup.

  • Beautify pathways.

    How you integrate synthetic grass in St. Louis into your pathways depends on your established setup. If your paths are designed like stepping stones, surrounding each step with lush turf is a great idea.

    If you have concrete walkways, it would be better to use artificial grass for edging instead. Consult your turf installers for more pathway-focused landscaping ideas.

  • Soften driveways.

    While artificial grass isn’t built for tire traffic, that doesn’t mean that you can’t use it to beautify your driveway. You just need to be strategic with its installation.

    You can either place the turf in areas that don’t come in contact with your vehicle or install it in the depressed regions in-between pavers. The latter works because the hardscape takes the brunt of the tire traffic.

Spruce Up Hardscape-Dominated Landscapes With Synthetic Grass

Invest in lush, lifelike artificial turf in St. Louis and professional installation services to breathe new life into your outdoor setup! Simplify your landscaping project with St. Louis Artificial Grass Experts.

Our installers have the equipment, skills and experience necessary to integrate artificial grass into hardscape. Expect nothing less than a beautiful, hassle-free installation when you entrust your project to our team. Ready to turn your dream landscape into a reality? Call us now at 314-947-6758 to get started.