Avid golfers are always looking for ways to improve their game. However, hitting the links can get expensive, fast. You have to pay for your greens fees, your golf cart rental, your drinks, your food. It adds up, plus all the gas you use driving to and from your local course. Because of this, more golfers are investing in St. Louis artificial turf putting greens for their homes.

If you don’t have one yet, it sounds amazing in theory. Imagine owning a personal green, open 24/7, right outside your door. You could play your favorite game whenever you want, for as many rounds as your heart desires!

However, can you actually improve your game on a backyard putting green? 

Definitely and here are just some of the ways:

1. Get your proper turf putting grip down 

With regular practice, you’ll eventually carve your own unique stroke. The club will feel comfortable in your hands as time goes on and your muscle memory will take over your motions once the swing becomes second nature.

To do this, you need to practice hard and often. The best way to do that? Step out on your putting green whenever you have free time!

2. Enjoy unlimited practice time

You want to work your way around your backyard green, trying out different stances and speeds? Go ahead. There’s no one waiting behind you for their turn, so there’s no reason to rush your practice sessions. Whether you take 5 minutes or an hour trying to get that perfect shot, synthetic grass in St. Louis offers an unparalleled way to work your game.

3, No distractions, just your game and you’re green

When you go to your local golf course, you’re surrounded by people. It’s fun, it’s a good time, but your concentration can suffer. And with golf, 100% focus is everything.

That’s never a problem when you have an artificial putting green, though. You can simply close the door to the yard and get going. With your eyes, your body, your mind all fully focused on your putting strokes, you can’t help but see your game improve.

Want extra privacy? Artificial grass in St. Louis can be installed anywhere you want, such as a roof deck or a closed-off side yard.

4. Master distance control

Short game is half of any golfer’s game. If you’re not landing your ball within 20 feet of the cup with your pitching wedge, how do you expect to do well on the green?

It’s easier to fix your short game woes in a backyard putting green. With artificial grass in St. Louis, you can practice your distance control every single day, honing your abilities down to a science. You’ll know exactly how hard you need to swing your putter each time to get your ball where you want it to go.

5. Putt around with your friends and family anytime!

Done with practice and ready to relax? Invite your friends over for a round of golf or throw a BBQ with a putt-putt session in between. Your backyard putting green will be your new favorite hangout spot!

There’s no reason to go to a crowded golf course when your own turf can provide you with a full day of fun and relaxation right in your own backyard.

Bring Golf Home with St. Louis Artificial Turf!

If you’ve ever dreamed of breaking 90, or even 80, but can never seem to make it happen no matter how hard you try, a synthetic turf putting green could be your answer. 

No more waiting for the weekend to get some practice in! St. Louis Artificial Grass Experts can help you bring your dream course to life, complete with bunkers, slopes and other challenges!

We offer many different types of artificial greens and landscaping solutions, so no matter what type of golfer you are or where you live in the St. Louis area, there’s something for everyone. Call us at 314-947-6758 now or use this form to send an inquiry!