There’s no wonder why so many businesses and homes in St. Louis are making the switch to artificial grass. It’s beautiful, stays green all year long and incredibly versatile. Interested in getting it for your home or commercial property? Get straightforward answers to top questions about St. Louis artificial turf right here.

Top 5 FAQs About Artificial Grass

1. Is synthetic grass expensive?

Much like similar upgrades – painting your home, getting new furniture for your business and more – artificial grass requires an initial investment. However, it definitely pays for itself over time.

Once you replace natural grass with synthetic grass, you can say goodbye to most costs of having a lawn. For instance, never spend a cent on fertilizing, buying seeds and other wallet-draining tasks. Expect your water bills to go down significantly as well. When you factor in the sheer amount of time, stress and effort you put into maintaining a natural lawn, the decision becomes easy. Artificial grass is clearly worth every penny and more.

2. Does synthetic turf drain water well?

Synthetic grass drains much more efficiently than natural grass, thanks to its porous lining. For instance, if it rains, all that water quickly drains through the lining down to the subsoil. After that, the system’s absorbent materials capture the fluid and direct it further down to the soil and aquifer.

In contrast, natural grass encourages standing water. As a result, it can drown the grass, create a breeding ground for insects and become a hazard. With synthetic grass in St. Louis, you can look forward to a puddle-free, dry surface not long after moisture hits your yard.

3. Is artificial grass durable?

Yes – and much tougher than natural grass, at that! Artificial grass is durable enough to withstand heavy foot traffic from a packed backyard party or boisterous play from your kids and their friends. In fact, artificial turf is so durable, it’s commonly used for surface-demanding sports such as tennis, baseball and indoor football.

With minimal upkeep, you can expect your grass lawn to last for many years without sustaining damage even after much use.

4. Is artificial grass safe?

Synthetic grass is free from toxins and harmful materials, making it safe for skin-to-skin contact. Aside from materials, artificial grass is also very soft like natural grass, so it lowers the risk for cuts and scrapes from falls, slips and other untoward incidents.

Since it doesn’t carry pollen and other allergens, it’s also an excellent way for people with allergies to enjoy the outdoors without triggering allergic attacks. In addition, synthetic grass doesn’t get slippery when wet, making it an excellent material around pools.

5. Is synthetic turf for dogs good for pets?

Absolutely! Dogs love synthetic grass since they can zoom around all day long. Better yet, they won’t be able to dig holes in it or eat the grass. Say goodbye to muddy paws and say hello to happy pets and clean home with St. Louis artificial turf!

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