Between the pandemic and the daily bustles of life, who doesn’t need a little zen right now? If you can’t find someplace to relax and restore your inner peace, consider creating a zen garden in your backyard. Create one using top-quality synthetic grass  in St. Louis to achieve a tranquil retreat with benefits that gardens covered with natural turf can’t match.

Synthetic Grass Is Perfect for Landscaping Zen Gardens

Zen gardens are minimalist in design because clutter can affect the mind negatively. Likewise, a complicated garden is typically hard to maintain, which can reduce the time meant for relaxation and meditation. This is especially true if natural grass is a part of the landscape.

Natural grass requires careful and tedious care. Besides regular watering, mowing and weeding, it also needs solutions that’ll ensure the fertility of its soil, keep pests at bay and stave off turf diseases.

With artificial turf in St. Louis, you can give your zen garden a lush, green lawn without most of the upkeep hassles of its natural counterpart. It’s also a breeze to maintain. Just follow these essential upkeep dos and don’ts and it’ll retain its lifelike beauty and soft texture for years to come.

Synthetic turf is tough enough to accommodate huge stones, heavy potted plants and other zen garden elements without getting damaged. Harsh weather conditions and high foot traffic also have no lasting impact on it.

Gorgeous Zen Garden Ideas Using Synthetic Grass

Ready to make the most of the benefits of artificial turf for zen gardens? Start developing your garden design. Draw inspiration from these stunning landscaping ideas that you can pull off with the help of top synthetic turf installers:

• Integrate variety to the terrain.

Add berms or small hills to your landscape to create visual interest. Top them off with a bonsai, an oriental statue or a bamboo fountain to give your pristine paradise a focal point. But don’t overdo it. Don’t fill your berms with plants to maintain your setup’s minimalist look. Cover them with artificial grass in St. Louis to make them look like a natural part of your landscape.

• Construct curves.

Incorporate curves into your zen garden to amplify its harmonious aesthetic. Instead of laying down synthetic turf in straight lines, have them installed with curved edges. Talk to your installers to determine the best types of edging for this design idea.

• Accent hardscapes.

With its lush texture and vibrant color, artificial grass provides the perfect contrast to the muted hues of rocks, stones, sand and gravel. Be strategic with your installation. Consider using synthetic turf to spruce up stepping stones, border huge stones, edge pathways and accentuate stone-based design elements.

Create a Stunning Green Retreat Right in Your Backyard

Once you’ve determined which of these ideas to use for your landscape, get in touch with St. Louis Artificial Grass Experts.

We have everything you could possibly need for your project, from top-grade synthetic grass in St. Louis and accessories to artificial turf landscaping and installation services.

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