With summer just around the corner, it’s high time you prep your swimming pool for regular use. Clean it up with a filtration system, have an expert test its waters and make sure its surrounds can accommodate people well. Integrate synthetic grass in St. Louis into your poolside area to enhance its safety, functionality and aesthetics.

Advantages of Synthetic Grass for Pool Areas

Tiles, concrete and natural grass— these are the most common materials used for pool surrounds. However, they are not without their disadvantages. Tiles get slippery when wet, concrete becomes abrasive over time and natural grass can’t withstand excessive water and foot traffic. All these issues are not a problem with artificial turf, which brings the following benefits to poolside areas:

It is impervious to water.

Since it’s not alive, artificial turf can’t drown from overexposure to water. It also won’t disintegrate over time. Worried that the treated water can wear away the synthetic turf’s green hue? Don’t be. Top-quality artificial grass retains its vibrant color even after staying soaked in treated water for extensive periods.

Synthetic Grass is soil-free.

Unlike natural grass, synthetic grass does not need soil to “grow.” In fact, it can be installed on various surfaces, including soil, wood, concrete and tile. If your swimming pool area is currently made of plain, bare earth, covering it with artificial grass is a smart move. Cover the soil with the synthetic material completely, and you’ll never have to deal with mud again.

It is soft.

Synthetic grass in St. Louis feels just as soft as the real thing, which makes it the perfect groundcover for areas that are often traversed barefoot. Use it to cover your poolside areas to give your pool users a more pleasant walking experience.

Synthetic turf also offers people who are fond of hauling themselves up the side of pools a safer surface for leverage. It neither causes scrapes like concrete nor comes with the unpleasant feeling of dirt like bare earth.

It doesn’t get slippery when wet.

Minimize the risk of slips around your pool with artificial grass, which is made up of materials with slip-resistant and quick-drying properties. In case of falls, it can absorb the impact and reduce injuries.

Synthetic Grass helps keep your swimming pool clean.

Soil and grass clippings from natural grass in the poolside areas often end up in the swimming pool, which increases the need for pool cleaning. Eliminate this issue with artificial grass.

Artificial grass doesn’t grow, so there’s no need to trim or mow it frequently. It also covers the earth completely, which means dirt can’t get into your pool.

It prevents puddles from forming.

Artificial turf in St. Louis is manufactured with drain holes to keep water from accumulating on the surface of the grass turf. Most poolside area designs include an efficient drainage system to direct excess water to the drain tank.  The combination of the poolside drainage system and artificial grass design will keep water puddles from forming on the turf.

Level Up Pool Experience with Synthetic Grass

Green up your poolside area while increasing its safety and functionality with artificial grass in St. Louis, MO. For top-quality synthetic turf products and professional installation services, only count on St. Louis Artificial Grass Experts. Call us now at 314-947-6758 for inquiries!