If you’re looking for a way to create lasting memories with your loved ones, you don’t have to travel far. Your backyard is a great place to hold get-togethers with your friends and family. You just have to make sure it can take any activity you plan to do on it. And you can start by covering it with synthetic grass in St. Louis.

What’s the Problem With Dirt, Grass and Concrete?

If your backyard is mostly made of bare soil, it can get muddy when it rains. That not only turns your yard into a mess but also makes it hard to get around it.

Moreover, the ground can also hide sharp rocks and uneven surfaces that could hurt anyone barefoot or trip unsuspecting people.

And then there are food spills. They can be hard to clean up from bare soil, and if you don’t remove them immediately, they’ll attract ants and other insects.

Meanwhile, if your yard has grass, it’ll also get muddy when it rains. The moisture can also make the turf soggy and slippery.

Depending on the height and thickness of the grass, it can also hide mosquitoes, ticks, fleas and other irritating pests. Food spills are also a hassle to clean up from natural grass.

Finally, if your yard is mostly concrete, you probably know that it’s hard and unforgiving to walk on. That can be a problem if you have loved ones who are older or have mobility issues.

Concrete is also not a great surface for playing games. If anyone slips and falls on it, they can get serious injuries like broken bones or concussions.

Why Invest In Artificial Grass for Your Family Bonding Activities?

Your backyard is the perfect place for family bonding time. With synthetic grass in St. Louis, you can make it even better! Here’s how:

It’s Washable

That means you can scrub, disinfect and rinse it as much as you want. In short, you can ensure it’s always clean for you and your family to spend time on. Also, no more difficult food spill cleanups.

It’s Never Muddy

Artificial grass is dirt-free, so it won’t get muddy when it gets wet. You don’t have to stop your activities after a drizzle because it turned your yard messy. You can continue right after the rain stops on a synthetic lawn that’s clean and not slippery.

It’s Extremely Durable

Don’t think twice about hosting high-traffic activities on your synthetic lawn. Rowdy football matches, dance parties and short games can’t damage artificial grass because it’s extremely durable. You can also place chairs, tables and other outdoor furniture on artificial turf in St. Louis without any problem.

It’s Safe for Kids

Artificial grass is soft and has shock-absorbing properties. So if little ones tumble or fall on it, they’ll just walk it off since the turf absorbs most of the impact. It’s also hypoallergenic, which means it’s safe for children with allergies.

It’s Pet-Friendly

Why ask your loved ones to leave their furry companions at home when they can stay on your synthetic lawn? Artificial grass is gentle on the paws, and dogs will love playing and rolling around it. It’s also pet-proof, so dog urine can’t burn it and even the most determined diggers can’t damage it.

Supercharge Family Fun Times With St. Louis Artificial Turf

St. Louis Artificial Grass Experts are here to make your backyard dreams a reality.

We have premium artificial grass that will turn your yard into the perfect family get-together venue. You can also count on us for expert landscaping solutions and installation services. Tell us what you want and we’ll walk you through the costs and process of setting up your dream yard. We can also share design tips and ideas.

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