Traditional grass lawns have a heavy environmental impact from high water usage, chemical runoff from pesticides and fertilizers, air and noise pollution from gas-powered maintenance equipment, and more. Artificial grass provides a solution, allowing you to enjoy a lush, green lawn with a dramatically smaller carbon footprint.

Major Water Savings

By installing properly drainage-equipped artificial turf instead of a standard grass lawn, you can reduce your outdoor water usage near zero. Natural grass needs copious amounts of water to thrive, especially in St. Louis’s hot summers. 

Experts estimate natural lawns need over 18,000 gallons per year on average! Synthetic grass materials and innovative backing systems provide drainage while retaining essential moisture, eliminating the need for any irrigation. This saves you money while preserving St. Louis’s precious water resources.

Avoids Harmful Chemical Usage

To remain healthy and attractive, real grass requires the regular application of synthetic fertilizers, herbicides for weeds, and insecticides to battle bugs. But these chemicals leach into soil and groundwater, polluting ecosystems. They also release VOCs and other toxins into the air. With artificial turf made from non-toxic polyethylene or polyurethane, you avoid these health and environmental hazards completely while still having a vibrant green lawn. It’s simple – artificial turf has no need for such chemicals to remain lush and beautiful.

Shrinks Carbon Footprint

Perhaps most impactful to an eco-conscious homeowner, installing artificial grass drastically reduces emissions and pollution from small gas engines essential to maintaining a real lawn. Mowing, aerating, fertilizer spraying, and other tasks add up to significant air and noise pollution over time. 

Synthetic materials enduring for 15+ years without these inputs make artificial turf the definitive low-carbon landscaping choice. Studies by independent sustainability organizations have verified these substantial carbon savings.

Rely on St. Louis Artificial Grass Experts

When you’re ready to upgrade your yard and your eco-credentials with sustainable artificial grass, the experts at St. Louis Artificial Grass will oversee the entire process for optimal function and aesthetics tailored to you. 

With years of experience serving environmentally conscious St. Louis homeowners, we guide material selection and seamless installation you can rely on for decades to come without the maintenance or environmental guilt.

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