The Best Synthetic Grass in St. Louis for Residential Landscaping

At St. Louis Artificial Grass Experts, we believe that synthetic grass in St. Louis is the top choice for residential landscaping. Our professionals work hard to transform any property into liveable and functional space using excellent artificial grass solutions.

Our residential artificial grass landscaping solutions are perfect for any home. Exceeding the characteristics of quality natural lawn, synthetic grass installations give you a place that is safe not just for you and your family, but also your pets!

  • Address All Your Landscaping Problems
    With virtually little to no maintenance or soil concerns, synthetic turf is ideal in getting your dream landscape faster and easier!
  • Natural grass can take too long to grow, which can delay your landscape project. With our residential artificial grass landscaping solutions, you will have a beautiful, green lawn in no time!

  • Save Water and Bills
    Artificial grass in St. Louis does not require watering. As a result, you save big on your monthly water bills!
  • Improve Safety and Cleanliness
    Synthetic turf has a non-slippery texture that improves the safety in your outdoor space. In addition, it is built with drainage that dries out quickly. No more puddles of water and muddy feet! Artificial grass gets rid of mud marks in your house for good!
  • Contribute to the Environment
    Get rid of mosquitoes and other water-dwelling pests with artificial turf. Say goodbye to spending on harmful pesticides, and hello to a more environmentally friendly landscape!

Artificial Grass Leaves You with No Worries

With St. Louis Artificial Grass Experts, you can rest assured that your outdoor space is always green and pet- and child-friendly. Worry no more about grass allergies, grass or mud stains, grass clippings, or chemicals. With our synthetic turf solutions, everyone and every lawn are safe!

Front and Back Yards

  • The finest artificial grass in St. Louis will make your yard a great place to accommodate the whole family. Synthetic turf transforms the backyard by putting greens, bocce ball, playground flooring, and unique inlays between tiles.

Dogs and Pet Spaces

  • Free of heavy metals and UV-stabilized, our synthetic turf products are 100% pet-friendly. They look and feel like natural grass, ensuring a pleasant and safe environment for pets and people.

Private Golf Greens

  • Our synthetic turf is soft to the touch, non-toxic, and hypoallergenic. Our installation also has extra cushioning, so you can be sure your yard has a natural feel whenever you practice your golf swings.


  • Install the perfect turf for your private playground and ensure your child’s safety. Our specially-made artificial grass has a natural feeling, is non-toxic, allergen-free, and protective against falls.

Transform Your Residential Space into a Work of Art

Our team of designers and landscape artists will assist you in all your residential landscaping needs. We are more than happy to help you in creating the perfect outdoor living space for your home.

If you have additional questions about residential artificial grass landscaping, or if you wish to contact our landscaping artists, do not hesitate to get in touch with us.


Let's Get Started

Do you have a project you’d like to discuss?  We’d love to help you design and construct the perfect outdoor living space for your home or business.

Whether you are installing artificial turf for the very first time or interested in replacing an older version of synthetic grass with the today’s latest models, we are always happy to lend a helping hand.

For any questions you may have about artificial turf, or if you would like to schedule an appointment with one of our landscaping artists, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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