Are you interested in installing artificial grass in St. Louis but wondering if it’s safe for your children? Rest assured that synthetic grass is an amazing investment in keeping your little ones happy, safe, and clean while having loads of outdoor fun.

Child-Friendly Advantages

When it comes to any upgrade to the home, one of the highest priorities of parents is their child’s safety. This is especially true for anything that their child will come into constant contact with such as the yard. Parents can enjoy peace of mind knowing that their artificial turf comes with these unique advantages:

  • Shock absorbent

Slips and falls naturally happen when kids play. Thanks to shock-absorbing infill materials, synthetic grass is known to enhance fall safety. While you can’t stop accidents from happening, you rest easy knowing that your artificial lawn helps reduce bruises, cuts, and scrapes. 

  • Minimizes allergies

Escaping allergies and pollens with a real grass yard is impossible. Since artificial grass doesn’t produce pollen, children who are allergic to it don’t have to struggle anymore when they’re outdoors. They can jump and run without disturbing pollen and spreading them around.

  • No dangerous divots

Grass lawns can smell and look fantastic, but they can also be hazardous. A huge risk of real grass surfaces is uneven terrain that’s vulnerable to dips and divots due to foot traffic and weather changes. In contrast, artificial grass provides evenly-distributed weight and does not erode no matter how hard you use it or what weather conditions it’s subjected to, ensuring a much safer play space for your family.

  • Cleaner clothes

How many clothes have you tossed out due to rips and grass stains? It can be a pain to wash away stains after you come home from playing outside. Fortunately, artificial grass in St. Louis, MO doesn’t have cloth-staining chlorophyll, and the synthetic fibers are not harsh enough to damage clothing.

  • Mud-free home

Kids are bound to play in any puddle or mud hole they find in your yard. As a result, they can ruin your carpet, flooring, and other furniture when they run in the house to get some juice or more toys. Artificial grass protects your home from this type of damage with optimal drainage systems that direct water away from the surface much better than natural grass.

  • Play anytime

A big disadvantage of natural lawns is that rain can turn it into an unplayable surface. Keep your young athletes active no matter the weather with artificial turf. It bounces back quickly from any amount of rainfall and dries out fast. Therefore, there’s no need to cancel an important game after a rainy day – just wait a bit for the artificial grass to dry, and continue the fun.

A Beautiful Yard for the Whole Family

For the best products and installers of synthetic grass in St. Louis, turn to St. Louis Artificial Grass Experts! We can design your artificial grass lawn to be as child-friendly as possible while leaving you with a yard you can be proud of. Get in touch with our landscaping artists by calling us at 314-947-6758!