With high-quality artificial grass in St Louis, you can help promote a better and more fluid sports game. This holds true for arguably St. Louis’ most popular sport, baseball. The city is home to the St. Louis Cardinals, which has won the MLB World Series a record 11 times. With this much passion, improving your baseball playing experience is a good thing.

In fact, artificial turf is reportedly making an impact in professional sports fields. In the National Football League (NFL), 15 teams are expected to play on artificial turf in 2020. Baseball is not far behind, with the Texas Rangers employing synthetic grass soon in their ballpark, and the Yankees-Red Sox artificial turf game in London, UK. This should inspire you to look toward the significant advantages of using artificial turf on your sports field project.

The Pros of Synthetic Turf

Break out the bats and get the mitts ready for an excellent time on the grass. Here’s why artificial turf serves the better ground for a baseball game:

  1. Less ground maintenance products

Say goodbye to pesticides, fertilizers, topdressing mixes, infield conditioners, and chalk with superb artificial grass. You also don’t need a traditional grounds crew to oversee field maintenance. While you will still need to spend on detergent and stain removal, this amount is way cheaper when you opt for synthetic grass installation.

  1. Baseballs stay whiter

With synthetic grass, balls will rarely get wet because the infill readily seeps water into the soil. Plus, it comes with perforated pipe drainage that can handle a foot of rain hourly.

  1. Perfect drainage system

Of all sports, baseball relies on drainage the most. Games continue even during rainouts, and artificial turf can address all of these. Its drainage system is made from proprietary technology, designed with the infill leading the water directly to the soil.

  1. Better gameplay

Artificial grass in St. Louis, MO is specially crafted to suit sports events. Bunts, slaps, and bounces are carried out in the ideal way. In addition, the nylon material makes smooth running across the diamond and great sliding into bases possible.

  1. Durable in most climates

Baseball matches are much-awaited every season. As such, your turf must withstand weather conditions. It should be able to deal with weather that is cool at one moment and hot at the next. In addition, the grass has to stay intact, no matter the weather.

Say no more! With artificial turf’s 15-year warranty, it has a form that can survive all of the elements. Now, you can enjoy a baseball game without all the hassle and worry!

Improve Your Ball Game with Synthetic Grass!

With artificial turf baseball fields, you won’t have to worry again about:

  • A consistent bouncing and roll for the ball
  • Low friction on playing area
  • Permanent markings for the field

Playing green is drastically improved with artificial turf in St. Louis. Whether in the minor or major leagues, the game becomes much more fun with a surface that’s custom-made for the field. If you want flawless and seamless turf installation for your ballpark, count on St. Louis Artificial Grass Experts to get the job done. Contact us now at 314-947-6758 for a FREE quote!