Synthetic putting greens offer a great way to have fun outdoors with your family. Unlike natural turf, artificial grass in St. Louis does not take a lot of time to maintain—that means you’ll get to spend more quality time with your family!

Here are other reasons why you should get artificial grass putting greens in your backyard for your family:

Get the Entire Family Into Golf

By installing an artificial grass putting green in your backyard, your family will be able to practice every day. You can play doubles or singles with your children and even take your friends out for a round of golf.

Pressure-Free Practice

Meanwhile, adults can learn how to putt and hone their skills at their own pace when they have a backyard putting green. They can practice their game in a place they are comfortable and build their confidence over time. Additionally, St. Louis artificial turf offers the same quality as golf courses, which can enhance backyard tee times.

Doubles As a Playground

When you are not using your green for golf, your kids can use it as a backyard playground where they can have hours of fun! Just cover the golf holes so they won’t become tripping hazards.

Soft and Safe for Kids

Natural grass can hide stones and other debris that can hurt bare feet. Artificial turf removes this risk because it has a lush, even surface. If children take a tumble on it while they are playing or rough-housing, they won’t get hurt or bruised.

Allergen-Free Zone

Artificial grass putting greens are ideal for families with children who suffer from asthma and allergies. This is because they provide an environment that reduces exposure to things that can trigger severe reactions like pollen.

Pet-Proof and Pet-Friendly

Putting greens that are made of artificial grass in St Louis are non-toxic and pet-friendly. At the same time, they won’t wilt or turn yellow when soaked in pet pee and won’t get matted when dogs roll on and lie down on them.

Eliminates Dirt and Mud

Your kids won’t get dirty and track mud indoors when they play on artificial grass. The turf covers the ground entirely, which keeps dirt and mud out of reach from your children.

Easy to Clean and Maintain

If you have no time to maintain a natural lawn, an artificial turf putting green will be beneficial for you. It does not need watering, mowing, or fertilizing. Just sweep it clean, hose it down and brush up its artificial fibers regularly to keep it clean.

Lasts for Years

Artificial grass is very durable because of its fiber-reinforced technology. This means it can last for years without being replaced.

Synthetic putting greens can provide you and your family with a ton of entertainment since it provides the same experience as natural grass does. You can play golf year-round without worrying about it getting damaged by winter weather, such as snow or rainstorms.

Level Up Family Bonding Times with Artificial Turf in St. Louis

There is no denying that an artificial putting green gives you and your family a fun, safe outdoor play space to enjoy. If you are thinking of adding one to your backyard, you can count on St. Louis Artificial Grass Experts to get the job done. Contact us online or call us at 314-947-6758 to get started!