When you think of a garden, you probably imagine flowers and plants growing out of the soil. So it might be hard to imagine natural plants growing out of synthetic grass in St. Louis. But in reality, you can raise a beautiful and healthy garden on an artificial lawn. The key is to think out of the box— or in it, for that matter.

4 Types of Gardens You Can Grow on Artificial Turf

One of the best parts of artificial grass in St. Louis, MO is that you barely have to maintain it. That means you can focus on your garden without worrying about fertilizing, watering or mowing the grass. Best of all, it provides a lush and green garden background that will look perfect for years.

Grow a healthy and eco friendly garden on artificial turf in St. Louis using these ideas:

1. Container Gardens

Having an outdoor garden doesn’t automatically mean you have to plant in the soil. Instead, use decorative containers to hold your plants. This option is incredibly versatile, too. First, you can use containers of any type, color and shape. Arrange them anywhere on artificial grass lawns, which is durable enough to handle a lot of weight.

Another benefit of a container garden is that you’re not limited to a natural lawn’s existing soil type. Therefore, you can expand your plant collection with exotic and rare plants that may need specialized soil types.

2. Raised Box Gardens

These are not as flexible as container gardens, because they’re larger and more fixed in place. However, they do have unique advantages. For instance, you can design a platform as simply or as complex as you like so they fit into your home’s architecture. They also look more cohesive than container gardens with separate pots. In addition, you can build them higher if you don’t want them to cover your beautiful synthetic turf.

3. Rock Gardens

Having a backyard garden doesn’t always mean plants + soil. In fact, a lasting landscaping trend is rock gardens. They exemplify the sparse and minimalist beauty of the desert. It’s also a great option if you live in a dry climate where water is in short supply. On top of that, a rock garden means you don’t have to fret much about soil type, too.

Furthermore, rock gardens and artificial turf complement each other perfectly. Both don’t need any water or special care to thrive. In particular, state of the art synthetic grass products won’t break under the weight of stone and big boulders, so you can get creative.

It’s straightforward to execute, as well. For instance, arrange decorative rocks and boulders on your synthetic lawn. Then, plant a few plants and flowers amidst the stones. We recommend flowering cactus and wild desert wildflowers, which complements the sleek, waterless rock gardens style.

4. Water Gardens

This is not a very common concept because not all gardens have a water feature, but absolutely stunning if you pull it off. If this type of garden appeals to you, St. Louis artificial turf is a must. Any splash will drain straight through the porous backing and there’s no risk of natural grass drowning around the surrounding areas.

Got a stream or a pond? Create a water garden by planting water hyacinths, arrowheads, lotus, dwarf cannas and other beautiful flora. Not sure what kind of plants will thrive near the water? Try visiting your local nursery for recommendations.

The Best Synthetic Grass in St. Louis for Beautiful, Lush Landscapes

Gardens are just one of the many landscaping directions you can take with synthetic grass installations. Interested in other upgrades, like artificial putting greens or pet turf? St. Louis Artificial Grass Experts can help you transform your yard into your dream outdoor living space! Call us today at 314-947-6758 or send us a message here.