In the heart of Missouri, many homeowners are becoming increasingly creative with their outdoor living spaces, aiming to create beautiful, functional, and low-maintenance landscapes. Combining St. Louis artificial turf with hardscape elements has become a game-changing trend that provides endless possibilities for aesthetic and functional upgrades. 

By merging the lush green aesthetics of St. Louis artificial turf with the rugged and dynamic textures of various hardscapes, you can fashion a captivating environment that also caters to your practical needs.

6 Hardscapes That Work Well With Artificial Grass

Let’s explore some of the best hardscapes for outdoor home design and the magic they can bring to your landscape when combined with synthetic turf.

1. Pavers with With Artificial Grass

Artificial turf and pavers make an excellent duo. The clean lines and smooth surface of the pavers beautifully contrast the lush, soft artificial turf, creating an intriguing visual and tactile experience. 

The blend is not just pleasing to the eye but also offers practical benefits. Pavers are robust and versatile, providing a stable surface for furniture and foot traffic. 

Combine pavers with artificial turf to create enchanting paths, enticing patios, or even checkerboard-like play areas that are both visually delightful and durable.

2. Brick

Bricks, with their rustic charm and sturdy structure, form a captivating combination with the modern, sophisticated look of synthetic grass. The vibrant green of the St. Louis artificial turf contrasts the warm, earthy tones of bricks, creating a balanced and natural aesthetic. 

Brick pathways lined with artificial turf can give your landscape a quaint, cottage-like feel, while a brick patio surrounded by a lush green lawn provides a welcoming space for outdoor gatherings. 

Additionally, bricks and artificial turf are both low maintenance, saving you both time and effort in keeping your outdoor spaces pristine.

3. Pebbles With Artificial Grass

Pairing pebbles with artificial grass offers endless design possibilities. The diversity in pebble colors, shapes, and sizes can add texture and contrast to the smooth, uniform artificial turf. 

This combination works particularly well in creating natural-looking landscapes, Zen gardens, or even a beach-like vibe. Imagine a pebble pathway meandering through your vibrant green lawn, or a Zen garden with artificial turf islands amidst a sea of serene pebbles. 

Beyond aesthetics, pebbles offer excellent drainage, making them a practical element in your landscape design.

4. Wood

Wood, with its natural textures and warm hues, creates a soothing contrast when paired with the vibrant, clean aesthetics of artificial turf in St. Louis. This combination harmoniously bridges the gap between the organic and the synthetic, resulting in a balanced and visually appealing landscape.

Wooden decks surrounded by lush artificial turf not only create a perfect setting for outdoor gatherings but also provide an island of warmth in a sea of green. Alternatively, wooden walkways or stepping stones scattered across the turf can offer a charming rustic pathway through your garden

This duo doesn’t just capture the eye and boosts curb appeal. It also provides excellent durability and requires minimal maintenance.

5. Concrete

The fusion of artificial grass and concrete is a testament to the balance between rugged industrial chic and natural greenery. Concrete’s minimalist aesthetic and solid structure work well with the soft, rich textures of artificial turf. They create an intriguing juxtaposition that enhances visual interest.

Concrete patios or pathways set against the backdrop of lush artificial grass can create a modern and sleek landscape design. Moreover, the concrete can serve as a robust base for outdoor furniture or a barbecue area, while the surrounding turf provides a pleasant and clean space for play or relaxation. 

The combination also thrives under the St. Louis climate, offering durability and easy maintenance.

6. Asphalt

The combination of asphalt and artificial turf can create practical and durable outdoor spaces. The smooth, sleek surface of asphalt forms a striking contrast with the lush, textured appearance of the artificial grass. This pairing can be especially beneficial for homeowners who need durable surfaces for activities like basketball or skateboarding.

An asphalt driveway flanked by strips of synthetic grass in St. Louis can create a visually dynamic entryway to your home. Or, consider designing a multi-use sports court in your backyard, with the robust asphalt surface for play and the surrounding artificial turf providing a soft, safe boundary. 

Both elements offer exceptional durability and require minimal maintenance, making this a convenient combination for your landscape.

It’s Time to Transform Your Home Landscape

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