Your dog deserves a nice, safe space to spend time in your backyard. However, there are great reasons for keeping them in an outdoor kennel. For instance, you may have a talented escape artist on your hands. Or, you may often have guests who are not comfortable around dogs. Whatever the reason is, using artificial grass in St. Louis, MO will help you create a kennel that your dog will enjoy and also complements the rest of your artificial grass lawn.

How to Design the Best Kennel on Synthetic Grass

  • Designate a Doggie Zone

    First, plot your kennel area. Ideally, it should be near your house, so you can keep an eye on your pet when they’re outside. We also suggest placing your kennel in a shady area and away from pathways and walkways. An outdoor kennel should be big enough for your dog to run in, with enough space for fun features to keep them engaged and active.

    In addition, you should also account for their potty corner. Giving them a specific potty spot confines the waste in one place and makes it easier to clean.

    Don’t have an actual yard? Since artificial grass in St. Louis doesn’t need soil, we can install it literally anywhere you want. Think pet turf on your balcony, terrace, porch, side yard or even a roof deck if you prefer it for your kennel.

  • Fortify the Kennel with Safety Features

    A good kennel should be able to keep your dog in (and keep unwanted elements out). Therefore, consider adding enclosures like a wooden or chain-link fence to eco-friendly turf. Want to make it look “invisible?” Cover the entire thing with synthetic turf!

  • Make it Fun, Fun, Fun!

    Once the practical considerations are out of the way, it’s time to turn your kennel into your dog’s favorite place! Here are some ideas for artificial turf in St. Louis:

    • Add a mini digging pit

      Synthetic grass products are pretty much dig-proof, so you don’t have to worry about your pet tearing through the highest quality artificial turf. For dogs that love to dig, however, a spot where they can bury their bones and toys will be a great addition to the kennel.

    • Install a shallow pool

      If your kennel has enough extra space, you may want to consider installing a shallow pool or splash pad. This is especially useful if your dog is going to stay in the kennel for long periods of time. A small water feature will give them a chance to cool down.

    • Design an agility corner

      For the athletic pup, agility equipment is the best gift ever. Let them burn off all that energy by installing a tunnel, a weave course and jumps.

    • Create a nap spot

      Finally, give your dog their own space to relax inside the kennel. This can be a full dog house (cover with synthetic grass to make it cozier!) or a simple outdoor dog bed.

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