Artificial grass is very easy to maintain and highly durable. It will withstand various pet activities and requires very little time and effort to keep clean. It is no wonder that many pet owners are choosing artificial grass over natural grass for their lawns.

Perks of Artificial Grass

For those who are wondering how artificial grass in St. Louis is good for pets, we have listed some of the perks pets and pet owners alike can both enjoy.

Synthetic grass keeps pets healthy

Natural grass lawn can be riddled with unwanted critters and bugs that pets may accidentally ingest while playing and exploring. Slugs that thrive on natural grass lawns could be infected by lungworms which could be fatal when contracted by pets. Installing artificial turf in St. Louis helps prevent this misfortune by cutting of your pet’s access to the soil.

Another health hazard that is prevented by synthetic grass is flea and tick infestations. Natural grass lawns can get infested with ticks and fleas when overgrown and poorly maintained. Ticks and fleas thrive in shady and moist areas at ground level.

Synthetic grass in St. Louis is not welcoming to pet parasites. The length of the artificial grass blades stays the same therefore it will not allow for a conducive breeding ground for ticks and fleas.

Synthetic grass is resistant to pet urine

One of the primary reasons natural grass and pets don’t mix well is that pet urine discolors and even damages natural grass. This could get frustrating for pet owners who want to maintain a beautiful lawn while having pets in their households.

Luckily, Synthetic grass in St. Louis is resistant to pet urine. Since it is made of durable plastic, it will not get damaged by pet urine. Additionally, pet urine passes through artificial turf with ease because it has permeable backing. This lets liquids through and enables easy flushing with water through a built-in drainage system.

Easy to sanitize

Artificial turf is very easy to clean. Regular brushing and hosing down usually removes the dirt and debris on the turf. On top of that, it is also quite easy to sanitize.

If your pets use artificial turf to relieve themselves, pet urine or feces residue might accumulate and cause unwanted odors to develop on the turf. Bad odor despite the absence of urine and feces on the surface is a sign that the turf is clean but not sanitary.

When this happens, apply soapy water on the problem areas or even the entire artificial grass installation to kill germs and bacteria that are causing the odor. If you have more than one pet, it is recommended to do regular deep cleaning once or twice a year.

Keep Pets Healthy and Pet Owners Happy

Start enjoying the perks of installing synthetic grass in St. Louis. Be more comfortable sharing outdoor spaces with your pets with the help of artificial grass. Call St. Louis Artificial Grass Experts now at 314-947-6758 and get a free quote!